Protest (an acrostic poem)


Putting your beliefs out there for all to see

Rallying among people of like mind

Order out of the chaos of the moment

That’s when the cause can gain momentum

Engaging those that were on the fence

Such that the need would codify into a moment written about in history books

That future gatherings would morph into celebration

Warn (an acrostic poem)


What do you mean I shouldn’t have done it?

As if I was going to listen to your blabbering

Really, you just have to be a man, and let’s face it, you’ve got breasts

Now then, can you help me unstick my tongue form this fence?



Fence (an acrostic poem)

Fiercely defending her right to her emotional space, she stripped off the pink dress

Everyone was encroaching on her.  In the past, they might have swallowed her whole.

Now she wrapped her fists with barbed wire, feeling it cut into her skin.

Come on world.  It’s me against all of you, and I’m ready to fight dirty.

Everyone better watch out.  Mama bear is ready to defend her territory.



Tinkle (an acrostic poem)

The electric fence called to the two fraternity brothers

It was the ultimate way to cap a night of bad beer

Now they pulled out their hardware and dared the other to go first

Knowing that in the end they would have to do it together

Looking at the fence before closing their eyes, they counted to three and let loose

Eventually they both realized the fence was not charged.  Shocking!



Llama dilema

I was looking through reddit again and found this prompt.  You are Larry the Llama, who has spent his entire life in an enclosure owned by a sadistic farmer. Tonight the farmer got drunk and left the gate open.  I dropped the sadistic part and… well you can read on.  :>)


Larry the Llama ran back to his two brothers, Darryl and his other brother Darryl.  “Guys.  Guys!  The gate, it’s like open,” Larry said.

Darryl and other brother Darryl just kept eating grass.  Larry jumped up and down.  “We can leave.  We can run out there into the world and see everything,” Larry said.

Darryl looked up, but other brother Darryl kept eating.  “What places?” Larry repeated.  “Well I heard the farmer’s wife talk about this place called the village where they have coffee shops and grocery stores where they give you food.”

Darryl went back to eating, but other brother Darryl now looked at Larry.  “I don’t know what coffee is,” Larry said.  “I also don’t know what kind of food they have.  It might be better grass, or maybe fine hays from way over that horizon.  Imagine the possibilities.”

Both Darryls looked at Larry.  “Hey, there isn’t a wolf or mountain lion around every corner,” Larry said.  Darryl went back to eating, but other brother Darryl cocked his head.  “But that fence is there to keep us in, to oppress us.”

Both Darryls turned their back on Larry and kept eating grass.  Larry snorted.  “Fine, you guys be sheep.  I’m going to explore out there and live a life you guys wish you had the guts to do,” Larry said.

Larry ran to the gate.  He proudly and defiantly stepped out of the gate.  He stood there, basking in his glory before running back into the pen and closing the gate behind him.  Larry could hear the snorts of laughter behind him.  “Laugh all you want, but someone has to be the responsible one around here,” Larry said.  He turned around to challenge the Darryls, but even he had to start giggling as he watched them roll on the floor, laughing.