Clash (an acrostic poem)


Crashing together in mortal combat

Leaving corpses in our wake

As we fight towards the gates of Hell

Soon we are against those blackened iron spikes

Here we will make our eternal stand

Jungle (an acrostic poem)


.Justice in this place seems to be defined by who can eat whom

Under the veneer of what some call civilization

Now I know how to fight to get what is mine

Given that we could just clearcut this place and set up something better

Looks like we are stuck in this humid hell at each other’s throats

Even as we all sing, “Welcome to the …”



Fence (an acrostic poem)

Fiercely defending her right to her emotional space, she stripped off the pink dress

Everyone was encroaching on her.  In the past, they might have swallowed her whole.

Now she wrapped her fists with barbed wire, feeling it cut into her skin.

Come on world.  It’s me against all of you, and I’m ready to fight dirty.

Everyone better watch out.  Mama bear is ready to defend her territory.



Painful (an acrostic poem)

Passion pushed Marcus forward

After the first punch, Marcus tried to cover up

Instead he ate five more

Nothing seemed to stop the onslaught

Fighting had been his entire life

Until that moment when he knew he was over matched

Looking up from the canvas, Marcus knew his fighting days were done



Double Cross (A 100 word story)

The smash to his head was the first hint that someone disagreed with what Ted had said to the youth on his lawn.  He stumbled backward, finally finding his balance.

Ted was still trying to shake out the cobwebs, when the kid that hit him then charged him.  Ted took the youth’s shoulder in his gut, knocking the wind from him.  The youth threw Ted up and off his feet, smashing Ted backward to the ground.

The kid stood over Ted. “You want to play doctor with little girls?  You even look at my sister again I will kill you.”