Struggle (an acrostic poem)


So things are getting pretty tough

That might be an understatement

Really it’s moments like these that define who we are

Understanding how to work past pesky problems

Giving each other a hand and cross the finish line together

Going the extra distance because we choose to do so

Looking forward to sharing stories over a cold one at the pub

Enjoying our victory over this…



Dig Deep (an acrostic poem)

Down and out is not in her vocabulary.

If anything, it just means get your hands dirty,

Get up, and swing for the fences.


Determined to rise like the phoenix of old,

Even if every part of her soul screamed in pain

Even after getting kicked back down again and again

Pushing past that finish line proved she had it within her



Failure (an acrostic poem)

Focused on the goal of winning it all

Alison forgot about her competition

It was near the end of the race and she was by herself

Letting her guard down she started to think about the finish line

Usually she didn’t have this luxury, but all that hard training was paying off

Ready to celebrate she slowed down and lifted her arms victoriously

Everyone gasped as Stacy burst past, leaving Alison stunned and in second



NaNoWriMo Day 3

So entering day three I have committed 5,208 words to my novel, bringing the grand total for Fallen From Mercy to 57,940 words.  It has been work, but I know a lot of the pain is me learning to write more long form again.  I feel a bit like I am wandering through the weeds at times, but since my goal is a finished first draft of a novel and not something that is perfect I am making good progress.  According to the website my total word count per day is down to 1600 words a day to finish on time.  I hope to keep knowing that per day count down just in case one day ends up being a bad one.  So, overall good progress, but this is the beginning to the marathon.  Here’s to getting closer steadily to the finish line.