Worry (an acrostic poem)


Watching you do even more stupid things

Ordinarily wouldn’t bother me

Really.  I am so used to your floundering about it’s become normal

Rarely can you take your idiocy to new heights

Yet here we are and now I….


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Uncharted (an acrostic poem)

Up the corporate chain had always been Martha’s goal

Never settling for the now.  Learn and move on was her motto

Challenging the normal when she could

Her trajectory was always upward.

And all that stopped when her company went bankrupt

Reeling from the unexpected crash, she was left floundering

The idea of starting over somewhere else made her sick to her stomach

Eventually, her friends convinced her to start a business of her own

Determined to make this her life’s work, she set off into the unknown


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Found (an acrostic poem)

Floundering in the fog, looking for anything familiar

Overhead the moon peers down, but she can’t see me

Unable to get my bearings I just decide a direction and march

Nearer to a destination, come what may

Determined to discover where I have been hiding


Image: besthdwallpaper.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/gray-wallpaper-and-wall-murals-mr-perswall.jpg