Find (an acrostic poem)

Focus on what’s around you

It can be amazing what you can miss

Now reach out and seize what is important

Do this everyday to discover who you can be




Fear (an acrostic poem)

Focus on the lock.  Focus on the lock!

Even though Myra could hear the monster coming

As she finally got the combination right, she felt the razor slice her throat

Reality shattered as she felt her life force pulse away

Imagine (an acrostic poem)

If it could be true, then make it happen

Magic is real, and it comes from caring to do the best

All you do does make a difference, you just have to believe

Giving a smile, a hug, a bite to eat, a supportive shoulder, an open ear

It can provide light in a world that focuses on darkness

Never underestimate what impact you can have in the world

Envision a better world because of you

Focus (an acrostic poem)

Feeling sick, Mercedes counted the bathroom tiles one more time

Outside she could still hear Jeffery prowling around the bedroom

Couldn’t he leave for work already?  He’s going to be late.

Until he leaves I’m not leaving here.  I need to find my center.  I need to…

She threw up in the toilet again.  At least maybe it was his.