Those Damn Shoes! (a 100 word story)

Claire wore many hats.  She absolutely loved them, switching between them multiple times every day, but it was always the shoes that she was deathly afraid of.  She could be mom, wife, daughter, confidant, friend, enemy, goddess, and demon, but when it came to shoes, well, then she felt she had to pretend to be someone else.

That’s why she decided one day to just go barefoot.  It meant sometimes stepping on things the wrong way, freezing her toes, or just having her feet absolutely filthy, but they were always hers, and she could sleep well at night knowing that.



A Love Lost (A 100 word story)

If a kiss can tell a story, her kiss told a trilogy.  The best part is I had more than a bit role.  The bad thing, I could tell I wasn’t the main character.  I was okay with that since I could tell I was about to have my fifteen minutes of fame.  I mean, who wouldn’t want a part of a goddesses’ saga.  I would worship her forever if I could just remember her name.  After a drink of that Chateau de Lethe she brought, everything is a huge blur.  What’s sad is that the bottle tasted like water.