Gown (an acrostic poem)


Gorgeous satin swirled around her ankles

Outwardly she seemed enthralled with the garment

When inside she wasn’t sure that she really wanted it

Now maybe if the damn thing had pockets….


Image: victoriasqueen.com/uploads/product/1/7/17381/Burgundy-velvet-with-red-satin-V-neck-34-sleeve-gown-3.jpg

Congrats! (an acrostic poem)

Cap and gown in hand

Our time together comes to a close

Now we release you into the world

Going forth, knowing more of who you are

Reaching for a potential you are just beginning to sense

Always be aware of those around you

Try to make your actions count

Strive to be the change you wish to see


Image: images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51E1zLyTITL._UX385_.jpg