Brush (an acrostic poem)


Black hair slowly pulled through his fingers

Releasing the locks he began to get to work

Unkempt snarls scraped by, but he gently unraveled them

Soon he was able to sweep his hands through easily

Her moans of pleasure reminded him how much he liked being a hairdresser



Soft (an acrostic poem)


She cuddled up in my arms

Obscuring my face with her long hair

For a second I thought I would complain

Then I realized what I had and my heart grew…



Furry (an acrostic poem)


Fraser combed his arm hair against the grain

Unleashing waves of golden amber hair to crash back upon hardened muscle

Rays of sunlight danced upon the same golden coat covering his back

Really he figured he should shave some of it off

Yet there was the fun of the mystique of being part werewolf that he enjoyed



Doorman (an acrostic conversation)

Do you remember when they didn’t open automatically?”

Of course I do.  I’m older than you, you fool.”

Obviously, look at your lack of hair.”

Really?  I’m going to kick you through one in just a second.”

Man, just calm down.  Back then, people, had jobs opening them.”

And where the hell are you going with this?”

Now my backup career is becoming extinct, and I never got one of the hats.”

Halloween Anticipation (a 100 word story)

Francis sharpened his knife for like the twelfth time.  Tomorrow would be Halloween, and it would finally be his time.  It had taken him weeks of sacrifice to be ready.  His guests wouldn’t be expecting what he was planning.

Suddenly goosebumps caused his arm hairs to stand at attention.  He used the knife to trim them.  Yeah, it was sharp enough.  It would part flesh with ease.  He couldn’t wait to carve his way into infamy.

Francis put another brisket into the smoker and wondered if cutting into that would feel the same as…  Well, he would see tomorrow night.



Barbershop King (a 150 word story)

The barbershop smelled of talcum powder and yesteryear’s stale cigarettes.  Dale closed his eyes and felt the gentle tugs of scissors cutting through his wispy graying hair.  He remembered back to a time where he would be smoking one of those cigarettes as the barber struggled to tame his gorgeous mane.  He had been king back then, and this place had been his private den.  Now he was an aging male with a comb over and a paunch of too successful hunting.

The bell announced a new customer.  Dale opened his eyes to see Charlie come in.  Charlie rubbed what little stubble he had on the top of his noggin.  “Got time to shave me?” Charlie asked.  “My daughter is getting married this week.”

Dale smiled and closed his eyes.  He may not have much, but he had more hair than Charlie, and that was good enough for this king.



Ambush (an acrostic poem) Arise part 3

As Sarah followed the scent, she felt the tension rising

Muscles knotted as she almost slithered through the brush

Briers pulled at her short hair.  She could feel sweat in small cuts

Using a small bush as a place to rest, she got her breathing under control

She looked back for the two others that had followed her

Her sweat turned cold when she felt a metal pressed against her neck





The reddit writing prompt was:  Write an online dating profile for someone that cannot lie and over shares about their life.  So enjoy, I think.  🙂


My name is Mark, and I am a body waxer.  I enjoy helping people become less hairy.  I have used the hair I have collected over the years to weave all sorts of textiles and even knitted a few sweaters out of it.  I used to be a masseuse, but something about my skin being too scaly forced me to switch professions.

I am six foot three and two hundred pounds.  I used to play college football, but sat on the bench for all four years, never playing a single play.  I tried out for mascot, but was beat out since I had problems with closed spaces.  That is why I walk everywhere, though I do own three vehicles, so if you want to go out we can take my school bus, tractor trailer, or Hummer limo.  You will need your class D license though since I prefer to sit in the big open space in back.

My ideal woman is breathing.  No really, the dead freak me out.  Also she has to really like candles.  I have so much wax left over, and let’s face it, it is better to reuse than to throw it away.  I saved so much money last year on electricity.  Otherwise I would like a woman who likes to spin or knit.

My other hobbies include mountain climbing and bear wrestling.    Okay, not really, but I was told women like the adventurous type.  I get most of my adventure grappling with hairy fat guys on my table, ripping off their chest hair.  Now let me tell you, when they scream, that is fun.  Of course that might be too much for you.  I won’t ask you to help till at least our third date.

I look forward to hearing from you.  I promise I’ll bring you a sweater when we meet!