Festival (an acrostic poem)

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Feasting on some tasty thigh meat

Ernie thought this celebration during Yuletide was the best

As there were so many yummy dishes to choose from

The more unusual the better, of course, to a gastronome like himself

It was for this particular moment that he wrote that silly repetitious song so long ago

Vivid imagery that was in the song focused on each of the dozen dishes that he now partook

And it always made him laugh when he crossed the Veil and heard one of the meat sacks sing it

Lifting another hunk of milkmaid on top of his piece drummer, he hummed “five golden rings…”

Sharp (an acrostic poem)

So many times Mel had fallen flat

He just couldn’t seem to rise to the occasion

All that changed during the prom though

Resplendent in his James Bond esq tuxedo

People around him hummed ZZ Top


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