Crass (an acrostic poem)

Cliff threw up both of his middle fingers

Really he wished he had more hands to flip the bird with

Asking how the idiot in front of him was even allowed to breath

Simple Darwinism should have taken care of that idiot long ago

Still his reflection didn’t seem to flinch


Discover This (a hundred word discovery)

Discovery can be a wonderful thing.  Imagine finding where the x on the map really did mark where buried treasure was located.

Discovery can lead to unexpected and beautiful consequences that weren’t even imagined moments before.  Discovery can open up new experiences and insights allowing you to perceive that much farther into the universe.  Discovery can make new something old and too familiar, bringing a smile to your eyes.  Discovery can do all of that and so much more.

Discovery can also be me finding out I have been an idiot.  Yeah, I can put an x on that map.