Punch (an acrostic poem)

Image: altoona.psu.edu/sites/altoona/files/styles/photo_gallery_large/public/257008572-new-africa-boxing-gloves.jpg

Pushing lead to shoving that escalated from there

Until both idiots were doing a full on scuffle

Now normally I would call for the police to put an end to the altercation

Couldn’t this time, though, since they were two off duty boys in blue

How they explained the black eyes on Monday was going to be interesting

Scratch (an acrostic poem)


Stuck with an itch to do something 

Cathy decided to set out on an adventure 

Really it was just a trip to the casino 

And she only brought fifty bucks 

That made it even more interesting to her 

Could be she was wasting her time 

Hour later she was three hundred to the good, and that made some nice… 


Image: liveabout.com/thmb/p3W7Zc7F2TXUUgyCBgfr7iGVDLA=/1333×1000/smart/filters:no_upscale()/RouletteTable-58c2bb9a5f9b58af5c9ea220.jpg 

Slick (an acrostic poem)


Sliding along life, day by day

Looking for where his next grift would be

It kept things interesting.

Could be he’d hit it big or go hungry

Knowing would be boring, more fun to keep on sliding


Image: thumbs.dreamstime.com/b/oil-slick-vibrant-colored-texture-abstract-background-unique-texture-your-project-oil-slick-vibrant-colored-texture-abstract-125267639.jpg