Pi Day (an acrostic poem)

Perhaps being irrational is just my style

I keep going around and around


Didn’t stop slicing it into pieces

As I stuff as much into my face

You mean it’s a number?  Eat my shorts!


Image: cdn.nashvillescene.com/files/base/scomm/nvs/image/2017/03/960w/pi_day.58c2cf87a0dd8.jpg

Numbers (an acrostic poem)

No matter how you calculated it, Deidre was in trouble

Unless she could find another way to figure it out

Many digits danced and twirled in front of her

But none of them sat still long enough for her to make them real

Everything was just irrational to her at that moment

Really she just wanted to be done and have a piece of pie

So she left the equation to solve itself and had dessert


Image: upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d4/Pi_pie2.jpg