Divide (an acrostic poem)

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Debating merits is a noble cause

If done in good faith, listening to other’s argument

Verifying your stance is what you want to defend

Instead, today we prefer to find our tribe, our island

Denying that the other side might have something to add

Enabling the feedback to build walls that opposing views can not scale  

Solo (an acrostic poem)

So many people crowded together to celebrate

Only Erik felt like an island in the sea of humanity

Looking at the beer in his red cup, he wondered why he was there

On his way home, he remembered.  He was Marty’s ride.


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Lonely (an acrostic poem)

Looking around the mass of undulating people, Marcus grimaced

Originally he and Andre were supposed to play chess

Now Marcus was at the “party of the century”

Everyone was in everyone else’s space, gyrating to the primal beat

Leaving Marcus craving for a way to flee from all these people

Yet it wasn’t meant to be.  He was an island in that sea of humanity