Bird (an acrostic poem)


Be brave and spread your wings

It might seem insane to jump out of your comfort zone

Releasing your safety for the unknown

Don’t hold back.  It is time for you to fly.

Hurdle (an acrostic poem)


How high do we need to jump

Until we finally get over the hump

Realizing true equality for ALL

Determined not to go backwards ever again

Leaving behind the strife, bigotry, and hatred

Embracing a truly brilliant future



King Me (an acrostic poem)

Keeping on top was always Bob’s goal

It allowed him to jump over the obstacles in his way

Now the playing field was empty of most of the chafe

Giving Bob a clear idea of who is real competition was


Moving diagonally, he finally found his home

Enabling him to kick it to the next level



Cliff (an acrostic poem)

Careening down the road without a care

Love was lost, and Bonnie was determined to find it

If it meant driving from sea to shining sea, she would do it

Finding love wouldn’t be an easy thing she knew

For it had listened to her when she told it to jump off a ….



100 Word Post #6 Ten Minutes Before Noon

Mandelbrot looked at his watch and saw it was ten minutes before noon.  It was always ten minutes before noon.

A train whistle raised the hairs on the back of Mandelbrot’s neck snapping him awake.  Mandelbrot looked at the trusses beneath his feet.  He was halfway across the rail bridge.  Run back, not enough time.  Jump?  Won’t work, too shallow, so he ran.  Mandelbrot could almost hear the conductor yelling over the screeching whistle.  Ten feet to safety, nine feet to breaking the loop, eight feet till…

Mandelbrot looked at his watch and saw it was ten minutes before noon.