Bath (an acrostic poem)


Bubbles piled high upon the water

As she slipped underneath the water’s surface

The hot water became intimate, kissing her whole body

Her need to breathe forced her to surface, but she still felt the love



Knot (an acrostic poem)

Kissing his new bride made Gene so happy

Now all they had to do was walk down the aisle

Offering his arm, he escorted his wife down the stairs

Too bad his shoelaces had come undone.  He should have tied more than one…



Risk Management (an acrostic poem)

Rational thinking was the way Charlie approached his whole life

It was the bedrock everything was built upon

She had completely destroyed that whole paradigm

Kissing a complete stranger as the ball dropped


Mass hysteria could be blamed for that moment

And Charlie almost did so, but damn, that kiss

Now he was pulling her out of the crowd, back to his car

And he was trying to figure out what the next steps would be

Giggling, she spun him around and pinned him to the side of a building

Everything stopped as she kissed him again

Memory was chiseled into his forever with that kiss

Eventually she broke it off and mouthed goodbye before running off

Not wanting to let this end, he tried to follow, but she evaporated in the sea of people

Taking a deep breath, he reached for his bedrock, but damn those lips



Tickle (an acrostic poem)

Temptation to reach out and do more than touch

I pulled my hands back, my fingers flexing

Carrie giggled and shimmied closer

Kissing was now in range, but still I held back

Last thing I wanted to do was cause her to run away

Everything would depend if I could keep making her giggle



A Blind Spot

The moonlight danced among the crystalline, crisp snow, yet Len couldn’t see any of it.  Still Claudia’s voice brought the scene alive for him.  “There is almost a hint of color peeking out here and there,” she said.

Len gripped her hand even tighter.  “That sounds wonderful,” he said.

“Oh my goodness, I’m sorry,” Claudia said.

Len turned in Claudia’s direction.  “Why are you sorry?” he asked.

“I keep describing things in…”  Claudia ran out of words to say.

Len smiled, reached out, and found Claudia’s face.  He caressed her cheek.  “Claudia, that’s one of the reasons I spend time with you.”  He pointed at his own face.  “You forget about this.  Too many people won’t do that.”

Claudia went on her tippy toes and gave Len a kiss on his cheek.  “They’re fools,” she said.

Len leaned forward and Claudia me him half way for a longer, more passionate kiss.  Claudia began to move away after the kiss, but Len held her close.  “I want to let you in on a little secret,” he said.  “I can see a bit.  Shadows, a bit of movement right in front of me.”

“But I thought you were blind,” Claudia said.  “Why would you say?”  Claudia trailed off, her confusion not only on her face but in her voice.

Len chuckled.  “I am blind.  It doesn’t mean that I can’t see anything,” he said.  “It just means I see so poorly that I have to have remarkable women describe the gorgeous but very chilly night.”

Claudia smiled and Len just stood there.  Claudia then realized that her smile was not communicating what she felt, so she leaned in and gave him another kiss.  “Maybe we should get out of the cold then,” she said.

Len didn’t respond right away, looking like he was pondering the offer.  After a minute, Claudia gave him a playful hit to his shoulder.  “Really?  You trying to give me the cold shoulder?” she asked.

“Ah, the twist of a phrase into a pun.  You know the way to my heart,” Len said.  He kissed her again.  “I agree.  Where do you want to go?  I heard McCarty’s has a great late night menu.”

Claudia bit her lip before responding.  “Nah.  How about my place?” she asked.  “I’m sure we could warm up nicely there.”

Len shivered, but not from the cold.  “That sounds like an excellent plan,” he said.  He offered his arm.  “Lead the way.”

Claudia took the proffered arm with hers.  “Oh, and I have a couple of halogen lights.  Maybe we can play with what you can see.”

“Offering to make a blind person see?” Len asked.  “Now that sounds like a miracle I just have to experience.”  Len leaned over and gave Claudia a kiss on the top of her head.  “Lead on.  I am eager to play.”

“Me and you both,” Claudia said as she led him onward.