Crush (an acrostic poem)

Couldn’t just walk away

Really he knew he should

Until he took that first step, then he knew he shouldn’t

She was just so darn perfect!

He ended up adopting the kitten.  Now to sneak it past his wife



Laugh (an acrostic poem)

Lisa watched the kitten stalking the piece of paper that finalized her divorce

As soon as the kitten tried to pounce, a gust of wind helped its prey escape

Unable to help help herself, Lisa guffawed

Glaring at her, the kitten sat and began to clean itself in indignant silence

Happy to give the kitten its moment, Lisa skipped her way back inside the house.

A Furry Dilemma (A 100 word story)

Marcus watched the kitten play with the ribbon at his feet.  She was a gift from his fiancé.   The cat wiggled its butt and pounced on the ribbon, shaking her head back and forth, fierce just like Felicia.  It made Marcus laugh.

He pulled the ring out of his pocket and looked at it again.  It caught the light and sparkled with hopes and dreams; promises given.  Marcus softly nudged the cat with his toes.  “So what should I do?” he asked.

He took out his phone and placed the call.  “Hi Bob.  Yeah, you can have the cat.”