Knot (an acrostic poem)


Knowing hands twisted and tied the thick cords with ease

Noting where the rope had begun to fray

Outside the wind began to howl, which he thought fitting

There was no better accompaniment when at the gallows

Knot (an acrostic poem)

Kissing his new bride made Gene so happy

Now all they had to do was walk down the aisle

Offering his arm, he escorted his wife down the stairs

Too bad his shoelaces had come undone.  He should have tied more than one…



Tying the Knot Tight

Tying the knot was supposed to be a blessing, but as Joseph let Cathleen’s body fall from the bridge he watched the rope that connected the two of them by knots uncoil at his feet.  “Not even unto death will we be apart,” thought Joseph as he was jerked off his feet and plummeted to the waiting arms of the river far below.  Cathleen might have thought those were idle words, but Joseph took his wedding vows seriously, just like he had shown her with his baseball bat, just like he made sure to breath in the numbing cold water.