Farmer (an acrostic poem)


Focusing on giving to the earth

Allowing one to receive many fold more in return

Relying on the rhythms of the weather

Memorizing the song of rain and sun, growth and decay

Everything a relationship with the soil and the sky

Results in a labor of love

Shine (an acrostic poem)

Silently the stars witnessed Dave’s accomplishment

He lit the lights on the old apple tree

It would complete the ritual set in motion fifty years ago

No one knew the reason why it was so important to Dave

Everyone did enjoy the fruit of his labor



A Timely Parable (in 100 words)

Once upon a time there was a man who liked to leave everything to the last minute.  He would find a million other things that had to be done, and never seem to work on the thing that was important.  There was always something else that drew his attention.  The man would complete a vast amount of things daily, so he didn’t feel foolish, but he just never felt totally caught up.  When it came time to finally put forth the fruits of his labor he hunkered down, determined to not be a failure, but he had run out of