Made For Each Other

She had me the way she chewed her pizza.  I always fall for the simple things.  I tried not to focus so hard on the way her lips moved and more on the run down pizzeria that framed her angelic chewing.  I immediately was struck with déjà vu of the Lady and the Tramp.  Now I wished I had ordered the spaghetti.  Of course that brought me back to those lips.

“So what do you like to do for fun?” I asked.

She paused in her chewing and placed her hand in front of those lips.  “Besides going on dates with people who go through my line?” she asked.

“Well I kinda hope I was a special case,” I said casting my eyes down to the pizza pie that separated us.  There were three slices missing, two from her side, one from mine.  There was an unbalance between us already.  I hastily took a second piece and some sauce spilled onto my hand.  The heat of it was almost burning hot, but I didn’t let out a noise.  I needed to be her man.  I left it there as a badge of honor.

Her hand moved away from her mouth exposing those luscious lips.  My second slice was forgotten next to the remnants of my first piece.   “It doesn’t happen every day,” she said.  She reached across the cheese and tomato sauce divide and touched my hand, removing the red spot.  Her touch was warmer than the sauce.  She took the sauce and sucked it from her fingers, those lips sealing the offending redness away.  She smiled at me, her eyes glittering.  “But now I sort of wish it did,” she said.

“That sounds like something doable to me,” I said.  “What should I buy tomorrow?”

She took another bite of pizza.  Those lips danced again, mesmerizing me.  I waited, not daring to take a breath.  I didn’t want to end the perfect moment.  She swallowed and a smile bloomed on her face.  “We can talk about it in the morning,” she said.

I raised my hand immediately.  “A box to go please!”