Lost (an acrostic poem)

Looking for his keys, Bob knew he was going to be late

Of course he knew he put them in a safe place

Sort of like what had happened at his job

That’s why he really didn’t have any place to go, but he still wanted those damn keys


Image: dreamstop.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/key-dream-meaning.jpg

Shade (an acrostic poem)

Shadows danced in his eyes, and that’s what mesmerized her

He haunted her every waking moment, and then those dreams

Any difference between dream and reality were very slight variations

Darkening her ability to keep a coherent thought

Eventually, his veil was lifted, but it was too late for her


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Stability (an acrostic poem)

Sarah checked her watch for the fifth time

Tom was now officially late and in her doghouse

All she asked of him was to take an interest in the kids

Be on time

Insofar as she could tell

Leaving the kids with him was a crap shoot

If he didn’t show up soon she would call the police

That’s how pissed off she was

Yet she did chuckle when he showed up dressed as Santa

Focus (an acrostic poem)

Feeling sick, Mercedes counted the bathroom tiles one more time

Outside she could still hear Jeffery prowling around the bedroom

Couldn’t he leave for work already?  He’s going to be late.

Until he leaves I’m not leaving here.  I need to find my center.  I need to…

She threw up in the toilet again.  At least maybe it was his.