Lion (an acrostic poem)


Like being the king of my domain

I prowl back and forth, roaring to show how big and bad I am

Oh sure I may be scary and intimidating with all these sharp teeth, but

No one said I wouldn’t play with a ball of yarn if given a chance.

Barbershop King (a 150 word story)

The barbershop smelled of talcum powder and yesteryear’s stale cigarettes.  Dale closed his eyes and felt the gentle tugs of scissors cutting through his wispy graying hair.  He remembered back to a time where he would be smoking one of those cigarettes as the barber struggled to tame his gorgeous mane.  He had been king back then, and this place had been his private den.  Now he was an aging male with a comb over and a paunch of too successful hunting.

The bell announced a new customer.  Dale opened his eyes to see Charlie come in.  Charlie rubbed what little stubble he had on the top of his noggin.  “Got time to shave me?” Charlie asked.  “My daughter is getting married this week.”

Dale smiled and closed his eyes.  He may not have much, but he had more hair than Charlie, and that was good enough for this king.



Challenge (an acrostic poem)

Calls from the crowd spurred Thomas on

He lifted the heavy spear and prepared for the gate to swing open

Already the growls of the beast contained behind made the spearhead quiver

Looking to the man to his left, Thomas wondered if he would be any help

Little chance of that as the man pissed himself

Entering the arena, the lion roared in pain and anger

Now was his chance.  Thomas swung the butt of his spear at the knee of the man

Giving a yell, the man collapsed to the ground, and the lion was on him immediately

Eager to press his advantage, Thomas plunged his spear through the two of them