Habit (an acrostic poem)

Hank took another hit
A frustrated sigh escaped from his lips
Being so weak willed really sucked
It didn’t stop him from adding to his misery
That is until the whipped cream can was finally empty


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Flipped (an acrostic poem)

Frank thought the woman checking him out was kind of creepy

Looking the other way, he thought maybe that would distract her

Instead, when he looked back she licked her lips

Pushing past the other commuters, he moved to another part of the train

Persistently she followed him, never letting him get out of her sight

Eventually he stopped, resigned to awkwardness, but she brushed past him

Disbelief was followed by her hand grabbing his ass and him thinking why me


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Risk Management (an acrostic poem)

Rational thinking was the way Charlie approached his whole life

It was the bedrock everything was built upon

She had completely destroyed that whole paradigm

Kissing a complete stranger as the ball dropped


Mass hysteria could be blamed for that moment

And Charlie almost did so, but damn, that kiss

Now he was pulling her out of the crowd, back to his car

And he was trying to figure out what the next steps would be

Giggling, she spun him around and pinned him to the side of a building

Everything stopped as she kissed him again

Memory was chiseled into his forever with that kiss

Eventually she broke it off and mouthed goodbye before running off

Not wanting to let this end, he tried to follow, but she evaporated in the sea of people

Taking a deep breath, he reached for his bedrock, but damn those lips


Image: pixabay.com/p-310202/

Monster (an acrostic poem)

Monica looked at her face in the mirror

Only she would notice the cracks in her facade

New wrinkles at the edges of her lips, eyes that had dark halos

Simples cosmetic touch ups here and there and the mask was complete

Twisting her feelings into a bun and putting an emotional wig over them

Everything seemed just perfect in the artificial bathroom light

Ready as she ever was going to be, it was time to face him for the last time

Made For Each Other

She had me the way she chewed her pizza.  I always fall for the simple things.  I tried not to focus so hard on the way her lips moved and more on the run down pizzeria that framed her angelic chewing.  I immediately was struck with déjà vu of the Lady and the Tramp.  Now I wished I had ordered the spaghetti.  Of course that brought me back to those lips.

“So what do you like to do for fun?” I asked.

She paused in her chewing and placed her hand in front of those lips.  “Besides going on dates with people who go through my line?” she asked.

“Well I kinda hope I was a special case,” I said casting my eyes down to the pizza pie that separated us.  There were three slices missing, two from her side, one from mine.  There was an unbalance between us already.  I hastily took a second piece and some sauce spilled onto my hand.  The heat of it was almost burning hot, but I didn’t let out a noise.  I needed to be her man.  I left it there as a badge of honor.

Her hand moved away from her mouth exposing those luscious lips.  My second slice was forgotten next to the remnants of my first piece.   “It doesn’t happen every day,” she said.  She reached across the cheese and tomato sauce divide and touched my hand, removing the red spot.  Her touch was warmer than the sauce.  She took the sauce and sucked it from her fingers, those lips sealing the offending redness away.  She smiled at me, her eyes glittering.  “But now I sort of wish it did,” she said.

“That sounds like something doable to me,” I said.  “What should I buy tomorrow?”

She took another bite of pizza.  Those lips danced again, mesmerizing me.  I waited, not daring to take a breath.  I didn’t want to end the perfect moment.  She swallowed and a smile bloomed on her face.  “We can talk about it in the morning,” she said.

I raised my hand immediately.  “A box to go please!”