Undead (an acrostic poem)

Until I had breathed my last I had never thought about my mortality

Now those last few moments I wondered a lot about it through the pain

Death, as I found out, can be a tricky subject now

Even as I felt my heartbeat that last time I knew something was wrong

All I wanted to do was move for a light, or into space, or anywhere else than this body

Damned that I get to be a walking corpse for the rest of eternity.  Kill me now!

Dead (an acrostic poem)

Determined to finish a poem tonight

Every word takes a piece of my soul

Anything I put down won’t be good enough

Don’t want to think about my creative mortality


Image: upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/4/4f/Gravestone_of_Andrew_Drake.jpg/255px-Gravestone_of_Andrew_Drake.jpg