Homework (an acrostic poem)

Heaving the heavy books onto the table

Outside the sunlight laughed at my predicament

My soul screamed back in anguish

Eventually the book opened

Work commenced

Order returned until…

Rays of sun played across my piece of paper

Killing what was left with my resolve, so I went outside to bury it


Rock (an acrostic poem)

Risking it all, Dwayne attacked the toddler who was armed with scissors

Overpowering the child, Dwayne was victorious

Couldn’t celebrate his victory though

Kecking Dwayne defeatedly began taping the confetti that was his handwritten manuscript

Simplify (an acrostic poem)

Sitting amid the chaos of his desk

Ian surveyed his life with a simple glance

Many pieces of paper that made up his existence

Played among other scraps from other peoples’ lives

Leaving his desk a chaotic world of its own

Ian questioned how he should approach this task

For there were so many ways this could go badly

Yet a match was such a satisfying answer…