Fresh Start (an acrostic poem)

Freedom to begin again greeted the Fox Battalion

Recent loses during the war had decimated their group

Even their commander, General Talli, had lost an arm and a leg

Still they had plenty of fight left in them

How could they not?  It was all any of them knew how to do.


Staring at the assembled battalion

Talli began her speech

Although peace has been costly, bought by spending many lives

Really the hard work now begins.  They think they don’t need us now

They are mistaken.”   Her troops fired their weapons into the air in response


Batman (an acrostic poem)

Being a creature of the night he stalks his prey

Always dealing out his form of justice

To Gotham’s various miscreants

Marking his territory in humanity’s cesspool

Arkham’s angel and devil, loved and despised

Never to find peace in this life