Mark (an acrostic poem)


Many hands make the chore light

And that was his philosophy through life

Reaching out with his hands to help all those he could

Keeping to this up even as he passed, so many came to celebrate him, it made his passing easier.

Pass (an acrostic poem)


Persevering when times get tough is necessary to succeed.

And everyone knows, doing the same thing and expecting different results is insanity.

So, does that mean to be successful you need to be more than a bit touched?

See, it’s leaps in logic like that that show how I almost failed philosophy class.

Blocked (an acrostic poem) Part 1

Being first in everything she did was always Alyssa’s goal

Losing was for losers was her philosophy

Only now she wondered if that was always true

Cindy had somehow gotten Max to go out with her before Alyssa had moved in

Kind of scary that Cindy was now pregnant

Even worse was Cindy was pressing charges for sexual assault against Max

Did losing mean that Alyssa won?