Starlight (an acrostic poem)


Stars send speeding photons flying through the nothingness

To land blissfully on my eyes as I look heavenward

Awestruck at the age of the light that graced me

Realizing a small chunk of ancient history

Looking at a place that might not exist anymore

It causes me to pause, wondering what I am casting into the void around me

Giving life to something that will outlast my stay in this universe

Hoping that someone will gaze upon that something and be inspired

To create their own light and cast it into the unknown

Starlight (an acrostic poem)

Standing in a drizzle of ancient photons

Thinking of the vast distances they had traveled

Announcing their presence on my retina

Revealing their origin in the universe

Losing myself in that moment

I lay back opening my parched eyes

Gazing even deeper back in time

Hoping one day I could gaze so far back

That I could see the birth of my atoms

Circle of My Writing Life

The words, they usually roll off my brain, down my arms, to find transformation, letter by letter on the keyboard.  The words then spring to life in digital form, photons of light streaming back into my eyes.  This encourages others to take the plunge and soon a story is formed from those brain words who took the journey.  This is the circle of my writing life, except right now the words do not want to come.  They are trying to stay behind locked doors in my mind.  They seem to be worried that the world is not ready for them, or that they will be deemed not worthy.  No matter how I entice them, their stage fright has made them inaccessible.  No words want to be in that first sentence, and as such, I have nothing to write, so I leave you my tale of woe until tomorrow.  Good night.