Tape (an acrostic poem

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The roll was empty again, and that pissed off Heather

All she wanted was for her roommates to replace the roll when it ran out

Perhaps this would stick with them

Every roll of toilet paper, except the one she hid, was soon wrapped in scotch…

Stability (an acrostic poem)

Sarah checked her watch for the fifth time

Tom was now officially late and in her doghouse

All she asked of him was to take an interest in the kids

Be on time

Insofar as she could tell

Leaving the kids with him was a crap shoot

If he didn’t show up soon she would call the police

That’s how pissed off she was

Yet she did chuckle when he showed up dressed as Santa

Challenge (an acrostic poem)

Calls from the crowd spurred Thomas on

He lifted the heavy spear and prepared for the gate to swing open

Already the growls of the beast contained behind made the spearhead quiver

Looking to the man to his left, Thomas wondered if he would be any help

Little chance of that as the man pissed himself

Entering the arena, the lion roared in pain and anger

Now was his chance.  Thomas swung the butt of his spear at the knee of the man

Giving a yell, the man collapsed to the ground, and the lion was on him immediately

Eager to press his advantage, Thomas plunged his spear through the two of them