Chilli (an acrostic poem)


Can’t make it hot enough to please him

He scarfs down whole scotch bonnets for breakfast

I even saw him puree ghost peppers and drink it as a smoothie

Last Superbowl was the topper.  The con carne concoction he brought was pure chemical warfare

Leaving us all to stare in awe and fear as he ate the whole thing without a single sniffle

It did come to no surprise that his intestines eventually got their revenge for his war crimes.

Script (an acrostic conversation)


So what is my line again?

Cut!  Take five everyone, except you.  Can’t you remember your line for five seconds?

Really.  I can get it, just throw me a bone.

I should just replace you with the gopher.  She knows the line.

Please!  Like you could.  I am an actor.  You are just… well what are you?

That would be your boss, and the person telling you you’re fired.



Yes Please (an acrostic poem)

Yearning for that one last cookie, Jenn looked inside the cookie jar.

Even after seeing nothing inside, she still inserted her hand, grasping air

Suddenly depression was sitting on her shoulder laughing at her


Putting the jar back took all of Jenn’s willpower.  She wanted to go all She Hulk on it

Looking about, she tried to figure out what was next plan of attack

Escaping to the local donut shop jumped to the top of the mental list

As she reached for her keys, her cell phone rang

Steve was calling.  She didn’t really like him, but he invited her out for ice cream

Everyone deserved a second chance, right?