Push (an acrostic poem)

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People milled around the in-ground pool enjoying their cocktails

Until two voices dominated the soundscape with their disagreement

Suddenly silence crashed into existence

However the splashing soon followed

Pool (an acrostic poem)

Pushing the water aside as she knifed through the liquid

Oxygen greedily gulped in with every third stroke

Out the carbon dioxide bubbled through her nose into the water

Leaving them behind to pop behind her


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Margarita (a 100 word story)

Martha smiled as she sipped her margarita.  It had just the right amount of sweet and tangy, and the brim had the perfect amount of salt.  This all-inclusive resort was amazing.

She looked around the rest of the pool bar area, taking in all the couples slowly drinking their way till dinner and she wondered maybe this wasn’t the place for her.

She then had another margarita and decided it didn’t really matter.  Her drink could be her plus one.  And if this relationship didn’t last, well there was always the next one.

Luckily the pool caught her all tears.


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