Final Exam Anxiety (a 100 word story)

Jess looked around the room.  She wasn’t the only one with questioning what was going on.  She had her final exam, but she wasn’t sure what she should do.  The professor had joked before he stepped out, telling them to cheat, but cheat quietly.

Jess looked questioningly at Fred.  He shook his head and went back to work.  Jess wanted to scream.  Did he mean it or not?  Was this the real test?  She wanted to scream!

Eventually she silently just did the exam on her own and left.   They all did.  No one was willing to take the chance.

Quietly (an acrostic poem)

Questing for a sign to do the right thing

Unsure where to put an effort

Instead your hands sit in your lap, wet with tears

Everything is so wrong you want to scream

Terrible as that is, you can’t bring yourself to even do that

Languishing in self pity you don’t do anything

You meekly go into that goodnight