Curls (an acrostic poem)


Cutting her hair, at one time, would make her cry. It was such a horrible experience

Utter fear would grip her upon sitting in the chair knowing she was at the mercy of the hairdresser

Red hair ringlets defined the core of who she was and were her pride and joy, so she was so particular

Letting the electric razor zoom across her scalp, she smiled.

Suck it, cancer! She would grow back stronger.

Blade (an acrostic poem)


Beware and respect her razor-sharp edge

Lest you take her for granted and she cuts you up

And watches as you bleed out in front of her

Don’t ever question her temper

Even though she may bend, she will never break

Shaved (an acrostic poem)

Scruffy hairs resisted his chopping

He reversed the razor and tried again

All he managed to do was cut himself

Vexed he blotted toilet paper on the mistake

Eventually, it stopped and he continued

Determined to be rid of the gray



Water Works

Looking through sleep glazed eyes, Miranda stumbled from her red satin bed.  She almost fell into the shower head first, but managed to catch herself on the shower curtain, tearing part of it from the curtain rod.  The hot water escaped angrily from the showerhead, slapping more reality into Miranda.  The night before began to materialize in the bathroom fog.  Memories of too much to drink, too much dancing, and way too much Dan played out in front of her like a reality show gone wrong.  How was she going to face Jeramiah after that?

Jeramiah poked his scruffy head past the shower curtain.  “How was last night at work?” he asked.

Miranda smiled a bit self-consciously.  “You know the usual.  Lots of nothing,” she said calling on her acting lessons back in drama club.  Her mother had always thought that drama club was a waste of time.  Now days it seemed like being a thespian was just a way of life.

Jeramiah blew her a kiss.  “Well then, we need to make things more interesting.  I’ve got the perfect thing,” he said.  He closed the curtain and Miranda could hear the sink begin to fill.

“What are you planning?” asked Miranda over the sound of water and guilt pouring down on her.

“How about we go for a cruise on the sailboat?  It will be a great way to just unwind” Jeramiah said.

Miranda smiled to herself.  “That sounds amazing,” she said.  She finished washing and shut off the water.  She pulled the curtain back gently, trying to preserve as much of it as she could.  She began to dry her hair.  “You always come up with the best ideas,” she said.

Jeramiah paused shaving.  “Wasn’t my idea.  Dan texted me that he thought you might need the break.  He figured we should get the crew together for a nice relaxing afternoon.  I thought that would be perfect.”

Miranda put her head down and wrapped her towel slowly around her wet hair, a horrified look in her eyes.  She almost passed out, whether from the blood rushing to her head, or draining away she didn’t know.  She stepped back into her role.  She pasted on her best smile and straightened herself up.  “Sounds like just what the doctor ordered,” she said.  Miranda gave Jeramiah a quick kiss on a clean spot on his left cheek as she left the bathroom.


Jeramiah watched Miranda as she disappeared into the bedroom.  All warmth left his eyes and he looked closely at the razor he was holding as if seeing it as a sharp object able to take a life for the first time.  “Yeah, just what the doctor ordered,” he said as his eyes glazed over from a sudden abundance of water.