Ocean (an acrostic poem)

On top of my boogie board

Care thrown to the wind as the wave breaks

Everything screams go as I start falling downward

And the wave carries me towards the awaiting shore

Now time to pick myself up and find my next ride


Image: ak5.picdn.net/shutterstock/videos/26067095/thumb/1.jpg

Crash (an acrostic poem)

Clicking the mouse as fast as she could

Rachel laughed as she blew up three of her competitors

All she needed to do now was make her sprint to home base

Suddenly frames started dropping almost as fast as her f bombs

Her screams echoed as the screen went black



Broken (an acrostic poem)

Belief alone wasn’t going to get Marcus through this

Reality was, he was going to lose something, and he just needed to decide what

Ordinarily he would just look out after old number one, but this time…

Kristen had changed his life so much he owed her almost everything

Eventually he pulled the lever and walked away

Never acknowledging Kristen’s screams