Data (an acrostic poem)


Derived from imprecise measurements that approximate reality

Actively virtualizing senses that were beyond human capability

Taking all of that and growing graphical landscapes to frolic mentally therein

Allowing everyone their own perspective from which they can misinterpret everything

Market (an acrostic poem)


Meaning to go grab some milk and bread

Allowing himself just a quick peek at one more thing

Realizing that his cart was full when he came to his senses

Knowing he should just put it all back

Except most of it was on sale

That means less to buy tomorrow?



To my love… (A 100 word story)

To my love,

I feel faint with my deep hunger for you.  Your everything fills my senses when I am with you.  The sounds of you entering my presence announce that the good times are about to start.  You dress in that sheer red sheath that promises so much, but is always understated.  My eyes water when I smell you deeply, your perfume makes my mouth water.  My lips tingle, remembering your hot touch.  I taste your spice, your heat, when I lick you from my fingers.  I love you chicken wings, for now and forever.

Yours for true,