Dive (an acrostic poem)

Image: i.pinimg.com/736x/a7/1a/e6/a71ae6989147210024f903e82c86bf51.jpg

Dirt on the floor intermingled with peanut shells and spilled stale beer

It gave this old run-down bar a certain je ne sais quoi

Vacuuming up those plummeting through the floor of their lives

Enabling them a place to splash down while mumbling “Bottom’s up.”

Zombie (an acrostic poem)

Zane pumped his shotgun, ejecting the spent casing

Only three more of the undead shambled before him

Maybe Zane finally caught a bit of luck

But then he realized he only had two more shells

If he could just line two of them up then maybe

Entrails exploded from his chest as the uncounted fourth added Zane to the horde