Brash (an acrostic poem)


Beating a dead horse became his specialty.

Railing against the machine his mission in life.

All he lived for was to troll as many people as he could on Twitter.

So it was surprising when he found a woman who would put up with his shenanigans.

Her secret?  She bought his mama’s house and locked him inside the basement.

Shenanigans (an acrostic poem)

Supposedly you say you love me

However the facts don’t lie

Every time I call you it goes to voicemail

Not once have you called me back

As if you don’t even know me

Now we both know that is impossible

I am always there for you

Giving you my everything, but you don’t say boo

All this time singing in my ear from every radio

“Never let me go.”  Well I don’t think you mean it

So now I’m calling….