A Perfectly Good Plane

‘What’s the last thing that goes through a bugs mind when it hits your windshield?  Its butt!’

That was the joke that flashed through my mind as I jumped out of the airplane.  The rush of air, adrenaline, and not a small dose of fear roared out the canned laughter that followed the joke.  Of course all I could think of, well besides holy crap I’m falling, was the adjustment of that joke to what was the last thing that was going through my mind when my chute didn’t open?  I was still working on the answer when the person I was riding pulled the cord and we seemed to go from falling to flying straight up.  I know that I wasn’t zooming up into the sky, but it sure seemed it.  As we came to a standup landing I finally came up with the answer to my joke.

Nothing, because the experience was mind blowing.

Cyber Mocking (A 100 Word Story)

Stephen looked at the computer screen and wanted to flip that damn blinking cursor the bird.  He had been at this for eight hours, and still his computer mocked him.  It told him he wasn’t good enough.  It made it blatantly clear every time he began to type.  Stephen was so frustrated he thought about giving up his dream of becoming and author and instead take up basket weaving or skydiving.  Still, he returned to the page.  If he could just get his word processor to stop underlining everything in red and green squigglies he knew he would be okay.