Zzz (an acrostic poem)

Zany hijinks left Harold so tired

Zipping up his sleeping bag he settled down for a good sleep under the sky

Zero sleeps  were to be had since it started to pour and he didn’t have a tent


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Consumed (a 100 word story)

The words called to his soul.  He ached to get away from their siren call, but there was no escape.

He felt them crawl into his brain, eating the cells one by one and replacing them with their offspring.  Sweet sleep would end his captivity, but the words would not give him his rest.  Soon he was driven mad.  He didn’t care what would happen to his mortal shell, the words were all that mattered.

The next morning was tough, and staying awake at work would be almost impossible, but the novel was done and that meant he found peace.


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Nap (an acrostic poem)

Need sleep!  Why the hell did I stay up so late last night?

Answers were right in front of him.  Well six or so feet below him

Perhaps a short bit of closed eye meditation was deserved after all that work digging


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Stumble (an acrostic poem)

Slipping beneath the sheets, Martha reviewed her day

Too many regrets greeted her observations

Useless tossing and turning commenced

Martha watched minutes slip by as she snuggled up with those regrets

Blaming herself for every little thing she had done

Little things that most people wouldn’t lose sleep over

Especially that little glass of wine, but that was one glass too far

Give Thanks (an acrostic poem)

Gifts of food and shelter were always welcome

I have been homeless for three years now

Vying for odd jobs and even odder places to sleep

Every day is a lesson in patience, humility, and humiliation


Today was no exception, even with the holiday

Have some breakfast at the shelter before heading out

Asking for loose change while finding recyclables

Now I sit on this bench wondering where my next day will lead

Knowing that I have little say in the matter

Still thankful for just being alive

Writer (an acrostic poem)

Just a quick note that I am trying to write a long form story again, but I want to keep this blog active.  To achieve both goals I am going to try to publish acrostic poems here for a bit.  A lot of people seem to enjoy them, and I like writing them.  I will also try to put a widget on the home page letting you know the number of words I have on the new story.  Still for tonight here is your poem:

Working on a puzzle of words

Raveling an idea from the edge

Integrating characters with more issues than Reader’s Digest

Transforming their lives whether they want it or not

Encapsulating the whole thing with a puzzle box plot

Remembering I still need to sleep