Gift (an acrostic poem)

Good dreams to fall back on

It makes waking up so much better

Finding yourself with a smile on your face

That makes the rest of the day a present




Weird (an acrostic poem)

When she asked for something different

Evidently, she didn’t expect to find someone like me

It made her smile at first, but then

Reality of what was happening began to dawn on her

Dating real-life clowns didn’t do IT for her



Rebecca (an acrostic poem)

Really can’t believe you said “I do”

Even though it was twenty-three years ago

Because I still hear the echoes of those words every day

Each touch and smile deepen my bond to you

Could never imagine not taking this journey with you

Counting myself blessed beyond any measure

Always and forever yours.




Hunted (an acrostic poem)

He stalked his prey

Until it tired, letting him get close

Now he was ready to make the final strike

To claim her as his trophy

Emboldened as he struck out, but he suddenly realized he had been wrong

Didn’t get to see her triumphant smile with his lifeless eyes



ROY G BIV (an acrostic poem)

Rain fell all around Teresa

Obscuring the pale sky above

Yet a smile crept to her lips


Glowing in the distance was a magnificent rainbow


Beautiful segregation of wavelengths into an orderly progression

It made the rain a welcome “and one”

Very wet, but very happy, she continued her walk home