Mystery (an acrostic poem)


Maybe you think you know what is going on

You think you have the solutions to life’s final exam

Still I wonder if the answer key has even been made yet

There seems so much chaos and disorder

Every time I turn around, I find that my current guess was not quite right

Really most of the time I was flat out wrong.  It gets quite frustrating

Yet still every day I get up and try to solve my little corner of life’s …

Teacher (an acrostic poem)


The problem seemed unsolvable

Everyone in the class vehemently agreed that it couldn’t be done

And Miss Snow wistfully agreed, but then she began to ask questions

Can you.. could you… how would you…

Having their preconceived notions challenged, they began to explore

Engaging the problem with new vigor, trying new possible solutions

Reaching the answer, they were proud to prove Miss Snow wrong.



Ideas Wanted

Hello everyone.  This post is going to be quite different from my normal fiction.  I am here to ask for some help.  I am a professor and I am going to be giving a course next spring in design particularly simple engineering solutions to common everyday problems/nuisances.  I need help brainstorming ideas for possible projects.  I don’t need to have something that will change the world, (though a solution to such a problem would be awesome) but something practical.  I just read a class took a look at how they might get a better haircut.  One of the groups focused on helping get rid of the hair trimmings before they cluttered the floor since the hair stylists hated cleaning it up.  If anyone knows of anything and can leave it in the comments below, I would be extremely grateful.  I want to train my students to look for the simple solution that is inexpensive, but does the job.  That type of thinking used to be a hallmark of society, but I think we are becoming blind to it since the great internet or Apple, or Google, or some other huge place will come up with the next solution.  I want my students to know they can work out solutions themselves, see them work, and empower them to tackle even larger problems with the confidence earned from completing the task.  Thank you for your help and I promise to begin posting more fiction very soon.