Coal (an acrostic poem)


Chucking the little black nuggets onto the embers of the fire and soon they burst into flame

Outputting more heat to warm up the chilly cabin

And to think people called him a dinosaur when he burnt his favorite fuel

Look, he was just freeing his spiritual ancestors’ souls in exchange for warmth

Heist (an acrostic poem)


How many souls could she steal before the moon reached full?

Each one a jewel in her crown as a master thief

It was why she found herself in this pub drinking a warm beer

So many people here she could work her trade upon

The only problem they all had already had their souls stolen by their job, sport, or vice

Plastic (an acrostic poem)


Pliable emotions allowed them to bend and not break

Letting the couple withstand so many of life’s issues

And it also let their souls meld into a perfect fit with each other

So it was no surprise to those around that as their features morphed by time’s hands

That it didn’t make a difference to the beauty they saw in each other

It was inspirational to view, to feel

Can something like that be recycled for the betterment of society?

Tribe (an acrostic poem)


They were always looking for a place to settle down in

Running was so tiring, and the souls of their shoes were getting holey

It would start with that awkward silence that announced the countdown to launch

But this time there was no moment of quiet in the cacophony of laughter

Everyone deserves to find where their weird is the normal, and that’s how they knew they found their people, their…

Push (an acrostic poem)

People are always looking for an angle, an easy way in or out

Undermining their altruistic public face

So sick of false narratives that sell whitewashed souls

Hey maybe it’s time to shove back



A Dickens of a Test (in 100 words)

I watch my students pour their souls onto pieces of dead trees.  Their sunken eyes are wide open trying to make sense of the words dancing and leaping in front of them.  The students hope the blood red ink of my grading pen passes them by and doesn’t reanimate the dead paper pulp into a ghost that haunts their academic careers.  The grades of tests past weigh down the students like the Dickens’ chains of sin Morley had to bear.  What about the ghost of tests’ future?  That grave remains open for now.  The next test is in four weeks.


Wanted: Lost soul

Went missing twelve years ago.  Last seen at Alfonzo’s, a small Italian restaurant on the south side of Detroit.  A man there named Ronaldo with the most amazing blue eyes memorized me and convinced me that he was the one.  I didn’t realize I had given him my soul until he took it with him as he left.  While it has made life easier being soulless in the modern world, I wish now to have my soul back.  I mean, I do live in Detroit.  If you don’t have soul in Detroit…

Two weeks later

Reply: Lost Soul

I apologize for taking your soul, but I was left with little choice.  Our souls have been searching for each other for centuries, and finding you there was a dream come true.  The problem is that your current body was just not my type, so I took your soul and we have been happy for the past ten years.  My problem is that the past two years have been difficult since I have met a new woman who does not love the idea of a threesome.  Of course since I took your soul without asking, I didn’t think it was right to kick it to the curb.  Give me your address and I will send your soul back to you.

Two weeks later

Reply: Lost Soul

I read your reply and it wouldn’t be fair to separate those souls again.  Why don’t you send me both of the souls since you obviously would prefer to be soulless and in a physical relationship than be in the beautiful  harmony of two souls finally finding each other after cascading through space and time looking for centuries.  Send them to me here: XXXXXX

Two weeks later

Reply: Lost Soul

I hope you received the souls safely.  I felt so free when I sent them to you, but now I regret my decision.  My lady friend does not like the new soulless me and has left me for another old soul.  Do you like your new arrangement, or would you like to send them back?  I’m just curious.

Two months later

Reply: Lost Soul

Ever since I have not one soul, but two, I have not been the business woman I once was.  As a matter of fact I am now almost homeless, but the love I feel makes it all worth while.  While I will not give back the souls, would you have a room I can live in temporarily until I can get back on my feet?

Two days later

Reply: Lost Soul

Depends, what do you look like now days?