Shell (an acrostic poem)


Silicon beds abound with bivalves

Hidden under a blanket of warm tropical water

Every wave akin to a gentle breeze that brings savory delights

Letting the colony feast on the bounty of the surrounding sea

Life might suck, but for an ocean filter, that means you are living large!

My Robot Life (syllabic verse)


Love them

Create them

I program them

Yet right now they suck

Really it is more me

I cannot get things to fit

Even though I want to give up

I will try again to make it work

I must struggle, learn, and then I can teach



In this poem each line has one more syllable.  I wanted to try something different.  I hope you enjoy.

Free Your Writing

The pen sits in front of me, calling my name, but I resist its call.  The stories inside are just too powerful.  They are mine, and I don’t want to share.  They just don’t flow to my fingers the same as they are in my head, allowing the words to betray their original intent.  I can get the words on the page, but those reading them will never understand.  Everything I write is too simple or too complex, or too silly, or too stupid.  I don’t want to expose myself to criticism.  I can never finish this.  I suck.

Okay, burn this page and start it up again!