My Robot Life (syllabic verse)


Love them

Create them

I program them

Yet right now they suck

Really it is more me

I cannot get things to fit

Even though I want to give up

I will try again to make it work

I must struggle, learn, and then I can teach



In this poem each line has one more syllable.  I wanted to try something different.  I hope you enjoy.

Free Your Writing

The pen sits in front of me, calling my name, but I resist its call.  The stories inside are just too powerful.  They are mine, and I don’t want to share.  They just don’t flow to my fingers the same as they are in my head, allowing the words to betray their original intent.  I can get the words on the page, but those reading them will never understand.  Everything I write is too simple or too complex, or too silly, or too stupid.  I don’t want to expose myself to criticism.  I can never finish this.  I suck.

Okay, burn this page and start it up again!