Gown (an acrostic poem)


Gorgeous satin swirled around her ankles

Outwardly she seemed enthralled with the garment

When inside she wasn’t sure that she really wanted it

Now maybe if the damn thing had pockets….


Image: victoriasqueen.com/uploads/product/1/7/17381/Burgundy-velvet-with-red-satin-V-neck-34-sleeve-gown-3.jpg

Alone (an acrostic poem)

As the party swirled around him

Liam felt like he was in the eye of the storm

Only those looking for a respite would stop to chat

Never staying long before being swept back up into the fray

Eventually, he faded away back home



Image: d3i6fh83elv35t.cloudfront.net/static/2017/09/irma.a2017247.1724.1500m-1024×782.jpg