Dual Wielding (an acrostic poem)

Double the trouble was not what Marcus wanted

Usually, he tried to avoid fighting when time traveling

As it didn’t really prove anything in his world

Looking at the two thugs with their swords drawn he knew he didn’t have a choice


Watching his foes split apart, he hesitated drawing his weapons

If he played his hand too quickly he would lose his only surprise

Everything would come down to timing

Lazily he took a small step back

Daring his attackers to press their perceived advantage

It must have been too good a temptation

Now they charged him.  He pulled out twin pistols from where they were hidden

Going to be tough to explain the bodies, but better them than him


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Temptation (an acrostic poem)

There once was a prince who desired the largest pearl in the world

Every day he obsessed with finding one bigger than what he owned

Many oyster divers would bring him their treasures with hope

Perhaps they would have a bigger one, and the prince would buy it

There was one woman whose beauty was world renowned

And she had a necklace given to her from her husband that had a large pearl

That story made it to the prince, and he called to meet with her

In retrospect, everyone knew what would happen next

Of course he wanted the pearl and the woman, but both were not for sale

Now he swings back and forth in his noose, a pile of pearls scattered under himn


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Tickle (an acrostic poem)

Temptation to reach out and do more than touch

I pulled my hands back, my fingers flexing

Carrie giggled and shimmied closer

Kissing was now in range, but still I held back

Last thing I wanted to do was cause her to run away

Everything would depend if I could keep making her giggle


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The Siren’s Call (A 100 word temptation)

All it takes is a simple word, no, and yet you cannot say it.  You hate being put in this position time and time again.  It seems every time you go looking it is there, staring you in the face.  You try to deny its existence, but it is always lurking just behind closed doors.  You could ask others for help, but they might actually take it away.  That may be what you want, but that’s not what you really want, is it?  You finally decide to throw open the doors to temptation when you see the cake is gone!