Share (an acrostic poem) Arise part 2

Sarah eventually got her group to her cabin on the mountain

Her cache of weapons were gone though, and that made her nervous

As she looked over the clearing, Sarah wondered where the thieves had gone

Reaching for her pistol, she called out for two of her group to follow

Everyone had to pull their weight, but Sarah wondered for how long



Pretending to be Normal

Wendy poked through the catalog, trying to waste some more time before going to bed. She was so filled with energy that she was practically vibrating.  It must have been the magic still in the air after such an awesome workout.  She circled a cute sundress that might just have to find a place in her wardrobe when she heard a crash from downstairs.

“Tiamat, is that you?” Wendy asked.  Tiamat was her calico cat that sometimes roared like a dragon, hence her name.  Tiamat liked to test if gravity still worked sometimes, but that seemed a bit too much  noise for a cat.

Wendy got off the bed and pulled on her robe. She tied the robe tight and peered out of the room.  There was no one to be seen, including Tiamat.  “Tiamat, where are you?” she called out.

The silence that greeted her question had Wendy rechecking the tightness of her robe.  Gone was the magical vibrating from just five minutes ago.  Now it was serious mojo.  Wendy kicked herself for leaving her phone in the kitchen.  Most of the time she hated the thing, but right now it seemed like a bad idea to exile it so far away.

Wendy walked slowly down the hallway into her living room.  She cursed herself inwardly for finding a house that wasn’t open concept.  It would have been much better if she had proper sight lines.  Then again, she didn’t know if she had an unwanted guest yet.  Living room was clear, so she turned to head to the kitchen.  That would give her access to her phone and a way to get out of the apartment.  Both seemed like a good idea right about now.

A sounds from her office area stopped her in her tracks.  “Tiamat?” Wendy asked.  The sound went dead immediately.  Wendy steeled herself for what was about to happen.  She decided to surprise the intruder before they could surprise her.

Wendy ran the remaining steps to the office and spun around the corner, her left hand out.  There were three individual in black wearing masks.  Two were working on her safe while the third held a gun pointed at her.  Two shots fired out.  The first missed, but the second hit Wendy’s shoulder, spinning her around on the way to the floor.

The two intruders working on the safe never skipped a beat while the third one pushed Wendy back onto her back with his foot.  “Dumb bitch,” he said.

Wendy’s eyes began to glow.  “Eat it,” she yelled as she thrust her left hand at the man.  A bolt of red light flashed between her hand and the man, blasting him off his feet.  He landed bonelessly by the other two working on the safe.  That finally broke their concentration.  Two guns seemed to materialize out of thin air.  Wendy felt a brush of fur as Tiamat jumped onto her chest and roared.

The two thieves looked at each other trying to figure out how such a little cat made such a big noise.  Wendy smiled and released her binding spell.  Tiamat leapt at the two invaders and seemed to transform in midair into a dragon that was way too big for the space everyone was in.    Shots rang out, but it was like trying to stop a tank with a fly swatter.  Tiamat swallowed whole the two invaders with a single bite before turning back to Wendy.  “Are you alright?” Tiamat asked.

Wendy sat up and the bullet popped out of the already closing wound.  “I’m going to be sore in the morning,” she said.  “The real question is who were they?”

Tiamat somehow shrugged as she idly ate the last invader.

“Did you have to?” asked Wendy.

“Did you want to explain this to the authorities?” asked Tiamat.  “The police will be here soon.”

Wendy could hear the sounds of sirens as well.  “Okay, then time to pretend everything is normal,” she said.    With that Wendy reactivated the binding and Tiamat shrunk back into the space of a small cat.  “We can be good at pretending,” she said as she nuzzled with her cat.