Yearn (an acrostic poem)

You always wanted to do that

Even though you were worried about what people would think

And maybe that was part of the appeal

Risqué behavior does have a certain je ne sais quoi

Nonetheless, you won’t act on your desire



Dead (an acrostic poem)

Determined to finish a poem tonight

Every word takes a piece of my soul

Anything I put down won’t be good enough

Don’t want to think about my creative mortality



Overstay (an acrostic poem)

Oliver watched his nephew throw the egg across the kitchen

Vai ducked, and the egg hit the cabinet above her

Eggs covered most of the kitchen surfaces

Really Jim knew he should do something

Still he didn’t say a word as Vai launched a flour bomb in retaliation

Teresa said Oliver could stay with them until he wanted to go home

According to Jim that had been five minutes after the brat had come in the door

You know, this might be the trick to get Teresa to think the same way