Soup (an acrostic poem)


Slurping the yummy broth made her taste buds dance

Oregano and tomato played the bass notes

Under the delightful melody of lemon zest high notes

Pasta applying the percussion on her tongue

Fruit (an acrostic poem)


Focus on the holy tomato

Rejoice in its versatility

Understand where it sits among the pantheon

It makes up more the 50% of the condiment

Therefore salsa is a type of blessed savory marmalade

Stay Hungry (an acrostic poem)

Slicing the tomato released that sweet acidic aroma into the air

Tearing basil and sprinkling the shreds on that red bed

Adding pulled apart chunks of fresh mozzarella

Yet it is not complete till the olive oil and balsamic vinegar is added


How excited John was when he finally finished making the salad

Undoing his napkin, he tucked it into his shirt color

Next came out the fork.  John got ready to dig in and yet…

Gary popped his head around the corner

Reaching out Gary said, “You made it for me honey?  Thank you so much.”

Yielding to his husband, John waved him off.  “Of course Gary,” he said.