West (an acrostic poem)

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Watching the sun make its escape as it sinks beneath the horizon

Everything becomes more magical in that twilight moment

Snippets and whispers of other realms peek from beyond the veil

That opportunity sets as darkness brings down the curtain

Link (an acrostic poem)

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Living in the past, needing an awakening

It tries to force you to be a hero

Now if you are in your twilight years you might be between worlds

Knowing you want just one more wild breath

Twilight (an acrostic poem)

That in between light and dark

When magic was at its strongest

Isabel cast my spell

Looking for a way to win his love

It may seem silly to most people

Giving this a try

Hell, she thought it was silly herself

That didn’t stop her from hoping they were all wrong


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A Moment of Twilight

Kristin looked out her back window as the gate on backyard fence swung open and shut to the rhythm of the bitter winter wind.   Kristin loved this time of day as the light faded into twilight.   It was a magical moment where everything seemed refreshingly new and extremely old simultaneously.  Kristin lost herself in that wind and light, memorizing the sound, and feeling the chill seep into her bones even though she held onto her steaming mug of tea.  She wanted to live in that moment for the rest of her life and ignore the cancer slowly eating her from the inside out, but then her baby boy began to cry, and her magical twilight faded into the numbing darkness of night.