Tape (an acrostic poem)


The situation was very sticky that she found herself in

All the good intentions in the world were not going to help her now

Pushing the button, the last of her coins activated the slot machine

Everyone watched the miracle on the old grainy video when they pulled the …

Crawl (an acrostic poem)

Image: i.pinimg.com/originals/78/ab/54/78ab549248e8f52bff733d7a94d2fd46.jpg

Can’t believe that gross internet myth

Really?  You’ll eat a dozen spiders as you sleep over your lifetime?

And to disprove this point I set up a video camera to record me sleeping

Watching the video, and we can see here that…wait, four, five, what the!!!!!!

Love of all that is holy!  I’m going to be…

Honey Do

This post was going to be the script we used for the National Film Challenge that we wrote and shot last year.  Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t like all the heavy formatting a script needs to be readable.  To work around this I am including the pdf of the script, along with the link to the actual short movie.  I hope you enjoy.


Honey Do for WordPress


Here is the link to the movie:  Honey Do