Whispers (an acrostic poem)

Waiting to hear your voice again

How is it I can’t remember it

I thought I would never be able to forget

Still I saved your last voicemail

Purposely so I would have at least one part of you with me

Even if it only said something about getting milk, you did say you loved me

Right now I would give anything to hear that again

Should have backed up my phone


Image:  http://www.gadgetmed.com/wp-content/uploads/Iphone-With-Seriously-Broken-79342543.jpg

Shenanigans (an acrostic poem)

Supposedly you say you love me

However the facts don’t lie

Every time I call you it goes to voicemail

Not once have you called me back

As if you don’t even know me

Now we both know that is impossible

I am always there for you

Giving you my everything, but you don’t say boo

All this time singing in my ear from every radio

“Never let me go.”  Well I don’t think you mean it

So now I’m calling….